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DeRungs Limousin

Ramona, SD

Reference Sires

Click on the bulls name for full pedigree/performance data.

Limousin Sires

LFLC Checking Account 701C

Birthdate: 4/16/15

Homo Pld Home Blk

SYES Encore 315E

Birthdate: 4/10/2017

Homo Pld/Homo Blk

LFLC Executive 756E

Birthdate: 4/28/2017

Homo Pld/Blk

WULFS Xcellsior X252X

Birthdate: 04/06/10

Homo Pld Red

SYES Easy Going

Birthdate: 3/26/2017 

Homo Polled/Black

Angus & Lim-Flex Sires

MAGS Cable

Birthdate: 02/02/215

Homo Pld

Homo Blk

Past Sires

Limousin Sires

AHCC Westwind W544

Birthdate: 02/17/09

Homo Pld Homo Blk

COLE Architect 08A

Birthdate: 2/10/13

Homo Pld Het Blk

SYES Backstage 466B

Birthdate: 03/03/14

Homo Pld Homo Blk

TMCK Durham Wheat

Birthdate: 03/21/10

Het Pld Homo Blk

Wulfs Walcott F711W

Birthdate: 03/22/09

Homo Pld Homo Blk

SYES Best Buy 316B

Birthdate: 04/14/14

Homo Pld Het Blk

Angus & Lim-Flex Sires

TMCK Architect 031A

Birthdate: 2/28/2013

Homo Pld/Homo Blk

TMCK Alfalfa 35X


Birthdate: 04/03/2010

S A V Resource 1441

Birthdate: 01/07/11

Eathington Sub-Zero

Birthdate: 03/28/12

S A V Thunderbird 9061

Birthdate: 02/26/09